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My name is Joseph Barrett.
I am a php / html5 / css3 / jQuery developer based in Oxford.
I have been creating dynamic sites and applications using PHP for several years. I have a lot of experience with MySQL databases, data-cleansing, maintenance and design. I have built and maintained helpdesk systems, inventories and content management systems. I have experience using aspects of the new HTML5 spec and enjoy exploiting the new opportunities this makes possible. I like Javascript and frameworks like jQuery, and have a passion for finding the best balance between server and client processing.
In the last few years I’ve been responsible for designing and developing learning platforms.
I was tasked with creating bespoke learning platforms for sport scholarships. In the design I incorporated in-place editing and a suite of content production tools including a quiz builder, along with marking and grading tools. Some footage of the platform can be viewed below, for a more detailed demonstration please get in touch.
I was also responsible for much of the content presentation on the platform. Below is a 'Deep-Zoom' image of some of the content I created.
I have experience with a wide range of software.
I like helping artists and musicians so will often build promotional sites for them.
Cheryl Walker is a south african artist that I have recently created a site for. I constructed a gallery site, with a set of admin tools so she can easily update the content on the site.
I have worked as a Graphic Artist for a Leading Publisher, creating hundreds of designs.
I created designs for Blackwells / Wiley over several years, creating branding for a large proportion of their journals, below you can see a Deep-Zoom Image which shows some of my work as a zoomable image.
In the past I have worked in schools teaching and training staff.
I taught A-Level web-design and multimedia, delivered stop motion animation workshops for younger students and also offered staff training in various software packages.
I have a BA(Hons) in Creative Visualisation specialising in animation.
I studied at Teesside University, the course covered a wide range of subjects including 3D modelling, animation, compositing, sound design and web development. Below is my animation showreel. Warning - some of the imagery is of a graphic / horror nature, if easily offended do not watch.

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I enjoy Photography and often make large scale panoramics.
These images are created from multiple photographs that I have stitched together. They are displayed here as Deep-Zoom images, which allow you to zoom in and explore the details.
I used to help design PC Games.

When I was 16 I started working for Empire Interactive, over the following few years I developed skills in post-production, UI design and other aspects such as play-testing.

The Golf Pro 2The Golf Pro 2The Golf Pro 2The Golf Pro 2
I love music and play drums in this band.

I have recently started keeping a blog of my interests.